Weekly Inspirations

Throughout the week, I find myself jotting down lyrics or passages at random times. Inspiration will just come into my mind, so I write it down before I forget it. Most of the times when this happens, I don’t really look back (unless they’re lyrics)… So I thought at the end of a week, I’d […]

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Why Write?

I write. It’s who I am. Writing is the one form of expression where the reader understands who I am as a person. It’s so much easier to write than to talk. I write because I have no other effective way of spreading my ideas, so I share them on a page. I don’t think […]

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Hello everyone. A lot has happened in my life recently and I started thinking about my blog… I really am not motivated to write about makeup or lifestyle hacks to be brutally honest. I never made time for it due to my busy schedule with classes and cheer. But in the midst of my crazy […]

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December Favorites

Hey guys! December is almost over and I have found many amazing products to show you. I’m literally obsessed with every single product, so I hope you enjoy! Favorites: Blonde Rose Clean Reserve Rollerball Perfume~ I usually don’t wear real perfume.. I like to stick to my BBW mists, but this perfume I have fallen […]

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Music Recap: 2016

Hey guys! With the help of Spotify, I got to see all the music I have played in the last year. Here is my music recap of the past year! Music is such a big part of my life.. I always like finding old songs I loved, so this playlist was one I enjoyed a […]

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